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Our car detailing service

Just bought your Car? Are you planning to sell your Car? Or, just in need of a thorough service that brings life back into your car? We have you covered!

Our car detailing service provides your car with a complete royal treatment. From a high-pressure rinse that aids the removal of built-up grime and debris to cleaning and conditioning of dashboard and internal trims, interior & exterior glass, our expert workmen provide top notch detailing service that stops at nothing to bring your vehicle back to its best possible condition.


Our Car Detailing Service can be further classified into:

Interior Detailing

By using our interior detailing service, we bring out your car’s inner beauty from the inside. This service ensures we vacuum car interior with full attention to all mats, seats and boot. We also clean and condition your dashboard and internal trims while ensuring the interior & exterior glass are not left untouched.


Leather Seat cleaning and conditioning treatment is available for Leather Seats while Carpet & Cloth Seat Clean and Cloth Seat Trim for Cloth Seats is also provided.

Leather Treatment

Leather is a natural material that ages over time and requires optimum care. We at Infinity Hand Car Wash and Café are dedicated to helping you preserve the quality of your leather interior, thereby increasing its lifespan.

Using gentle cleaning process to remove dust, dirt and grime, we also moisturise your leather with our special conditioner to help maintain its soft and luxurious feel for a longer time. There is simply no better way to protect your leather interior from drying out, cracks and stains.

Steam Cleaning

Sometimes vacuuming is not enough, especially for heavily soiled and stained carpets or mats. To get this cleaned, steam cleaning is needed. By using our steam cleaning service, we apply an efficient combination of specially formulated upholstery-safe shampoo and a range of special brushes and tools to extract the dirt, stains, bacteria and bad odour.

Once done, your carpets, mats and seats will look neat and smell fresh.

Cut/Paint Treatment

Due to months or years of use, there is a high chance that your car’s paintwork will lose its quality either due to sun, dirt or wear and tear. Therefore, there is a need for regular painting and waxing to maintain  its optimum condition.

At Infinity Car Wash, we offer professional Cut & Paint treatment that lets us use the most innovative painting techniques and latest equipments to apply a sequence specially formulated substances that remove contaminants from your vehicle’s bodywork before applying high quality wax and buffing it up to bring back your car’s shine.

So, if you’ve lost quality on your car paint or you want to restore your paintwork to premium condition, visit us today and let’s discuss how we can bring back life into your car.

Exterior Detailing

Here, we place maximum attention to your car’s external details providing an all-round Exterior Wash using specially formulated car-safe shampoo that effectively and safely cleans the entire exterior without damaging the paint and trim.

We also detail your chrome trims, apply an all-round protective hand polish, and provide exterior & interior Glass clean without forgetting to detail Door & Boot Jams.

Full Detailing

Our full detailing service provides a holistic detailing service that lets us provide a thorough detailing of your car, from bumper to exhaust. This service provides a perfect combination of our interior and exterior detailing service with a professional touch.

Choose peace of mind

Effective Detergents

Rich in the lather and safe for use as a regular option.

Microfiber Towels

Cleaning materials of microfibers offer a superior choice to clothes or rubber.

Biodegradable Products

All materials we use are absolutely safe for your car’s interiors & exteriors.

Trained Professionals

Car Wash is trained to implement the international standards.