Premium Wash

Premium Wash

Our Premium Wash service covers your entire car cleaning needs, from bumper to Exhaust. From a high-pressure rinse that removes built-up grime and debris to all-over interior wash using quality shampoo that effectively and safely cleans the interior of your vehicle, our total car wash service offers a superior wash service that provides an extra attention to your body paints without leaving out the interior surfaces.

How Our Premium Wash Service Works

To achieve optimum result, we have designed our Premium Wash service to follow a four-step process which includes:

Step 1: Body Paint & Wheels: We start off by using a pH neutral shampoo to wash your car paint, ensuring optimum dirt removal without compromising on your paint and trims. Once done with the body, we move on to your car wheels, arches, mud flaps and tyres, ensuring we reach every angle of those body parts because we believe even the tiniest parts matter. We remove dust accumulated due to brakes and dirt that can cause damage to the surface of the wheel. We also apply gloss to car tyres to help maintain its premium look for longer.

Step 2: Interior Clean: At this point, we use microfibre cloth and specially formulated gentle fluid to clean your interior parts, including the dashboard, door surfaces and console, leaving them neat and clean without harming them.

Step 3: Exterior Clean: To round-off the wash, we use an innovative approach to drying that lets your car exterior dried to prevent water marks from sticking to the paints while high pressure air is used to remove water from joints and trim so that no drip marks appear after you drive off.

We then apply high quality wax to enhance your paintwork without touching panel joints, rubber and plastic trims.

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